How To Start A Fire In A Fireplace (Without Kindling)

Kindling is the basic procedure for starting an open fireplace. In general usage, newspapers and firelighters are used to set the logs of wood on Fire. Somehow, if you are reluctant to start a fireplace without kindling, here are a couple of substitutes for it. If you are in a hurry then let me answer it in very short, you can use dried logs, Bark, and Pinecones to start a fire.

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Basically talking, kindling can be taken as a process in which small tits and bits of wood are together to quickly start The Fire. This little fire starter arrangement helps in managing the entire fireplace very well. You can maximize the level of fire by eventually adding more churns of wood in the fireplace.

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How to improve the chances of wood catching fire?

  • Use comparatively small logs of wood so that it is easy for them to catch fire.
  • Make sure that the logs are absolutely dry to maximize the fire’s Catching ability.
  • Use of fire starter burns as the basic step

A Few substitutes that can start the fireplace without kindling are –

  1. Starting a fire in an interior fireplace without kindling can be done through sheets of newspaper.
  2. Use a bark of wood.
  3. Use firelighters as an alternative for starting a fireplace without kindling.

How to start a fire in a fireplace without kindling?

As the easiest method to do this, you can create an inverted pyramid of small chunks of wood and burn a fireplace. This will quickly help the pieces of wood to catch fire and help in starting a fireplace in your room.



The easiest method to burn a fireplace without kindling is to collect some easy starter pinecones. They do not last long and you have to use at least a million of them. somehow, they smell nice and create a good ambience.

Use logs of small size

wood small size logs

Kindling is one of the best methods to start a fire more effectively. Somehow if you are reluctant to go for this method, you can use logs of wood that are comparatively small in size. The bigger logs of wood have a larger surface area and take a lot of time in catching fire. The tiny logs of wood can be easily burnt to start a fireplace on a full-fledged basis.

Use kiln dried logs

kiln dried logs

If you are not able to start a fire otherwise, use logs of wood that are as dry as possible. Do not use a fresh log of wood because that is very ineffective in burning of the fireplace. reach out to the low moisture log of wood that has a harder platform and is moisture devoid.

Use a bunch of newspaper

newspaper logs

Use some sheets of newspaper tied up together because they quickly catch fire and help in starting up a fireplace without much effort. If you are using the fire starter with the help of a newspaper, you can also prepare some balls out of the sheets and use matchstick alone to burn them. Place the burning newspaper over the log of wood and it will help in quickly starting the fireplace.

Use dry debris

dry debris

Use debris from the yard, collect dry leaves and shrubs together to start a fire. This will help in starting up the Fire more quickly than the normal.

Use kerosene

Use kerosene for wood burning

In order to start a fireplace without kindling, using kerosene oil is the easiest option. Just drop a burning matchstick over the log of wood and Sprinkle kerosene oil to begin the fireplace on an immediate basis.

Some Extra Important Tips to Consider

A few tips to remember when you don’t want to start a fire in a wood stove/fireplace without kindling

  1. Use a commercial fire starter because that would help a lot. You can straight away place it under logs of wood and let them slowly burn.
  2. Newspaper knots are also great in catching up with the fire. You need to keep an eye on them because if you use more than permissible limits, it can result in the paper ash flying here and there in the room for no reason.
  3. Always remember using small pieces of logs so that fire never gets a chance to get completely extinguished.

Try any of the above mentioned methods to start a fireplace without kindling and enjoy it throughout the night. Nothing better than having the ability to light a fireplace in winters without undergoing much hassle. Also, we have written various guides and reviews on this blog (ThinkFireplace) you can try searching for one according to your need.

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