How to Install an Electric Fireplace Insert with Ease (Definitive Guide)

Benefits of installing an electric fireplace are many. Having a personal fireplace that can immediately heat the room in the chilling cold winter is one of the blessings that one can have. Generally, setting up a real fireplace takes a lot of effort and pollutes the entire home.

You cannot enjoy it in the absence of a proper chimney and logs of wood. Luckily, the electric fireplaces are smokeless, convenient and better in several ways. here we have brought a full-fledged guide that will let you know how to install an electric fireplace insert with utmost convenience.

Benefits of Setting up an Electric Fireplace at Home

Never bother yourself with a messy fireplace that needs the arrangement of a log of wood and then clearing up the Ashes at the end. Do not let things begin and end it with hassles. Choose the best electric fireplace insert and keep everything simple and manageable. –

Environment friendly – The fireplace inserts are very kind to mother earth because they do not leave behind any Ashes and work without consuming natural fuel. They are flawless and provide instant Ambience to the room.

Safer – There is almost no risk of anybody accidentally getting in the fire or home catching hold of Fire. Forget about Sparks that come out of the fire and can generate the possibility of bones. Also, you don’t have to manage matchsticks and Chimneys after arranging for the log-based fireplace. The electric fireplaces are cool to touch and Feature automatic power cuts.

Clean – Clean home and surroundings even after perfect heating, what else do you want? The best fireplace does not pollute the room and the earth by generating any kind of fire smoke.

Absolutely flexible – The electric fireplaces are simply matchless because they can burn consistently with different colours of flames and heat levels. There is a timer that would let you choose Whatever a number of hours you want the virtual fireplace to burn.

Can I Diy Fireplace Insert?

Yes, of course, you can DIY things with the simple guide that will let you know how to install an electric fireplace insert in a few simple steps, nothing would remain difficult for you. We would further let Find out those simple steps that can help you in setting up an electric fireplace in a couple of minutes.

Clearance Requirements Before Moving Ahead

Please address these clearance requirements for different parts of your electric fireplace insert:

  • 3/8 inch from the top of the firebox to a combustible or non-combustible material;
  • 2 inch from the top of the insert frame to a mantel board just above it;
  • 1 inch from the back & the sides of the insert to the walls around it;
  • Should not require any minimum clearance to the floor.
Fireplace clearance requirements
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Basic steps for setting up an electric fireplace minus

#1 Instruction manual

Start installing the electric fireplace by reading the instruction manual that has unique specifications and advice. If you are not doing it in the presence of an expert, at least you should keep the manual by your side.

#2 Cover up the chimney mouth

Always start with the installation by covering the mouth of the chimney by using a plate. This would avoid any kind of water droplet getting inside the chimney in the absence of a rain cap.

#3 Seal the damper

You must take the next step to shut down the damper of the imaginary fireplace to prevent any kind of heat loss.

close and deal damper

#4 Installing a proper power outlet

You cannot run the electric fireplace in the absence of electricity. There has to be a dedicated power outlet that would move the installation task ahead. Make sure that you keep the area of the fireplace free from hanging wires because they can catch fire anytime. Instead of managing the tasks of installing a power outlet yourself, always ask a professional electrician to do the needful.

#5 Time to insert the firebox inside the fireplace

Just glide in the Firebox within the opening of the fireplace towards the centre and level it with some adjustments. If you need some screws to be managed, do it with the help of the guide that comes along with the arrangement.

#6 Set up the outer frame

As the last step, you need to attach the frame to cover up the entire arrangement. Some of the firebox inserts come up with metal trim and the rest with glass frames. Whatever you get with your product, manage it accordingly.

Different types of electric fireplace installation options –

  • Electric wiring – If you don’t want to manage the Hanging wires and cords nearby the electric fireplace, ask your electrician to give you a permanent solution by hiding the wires professionally.
  • Trim kits – The decorative trim kits can let you have your own Firebox covering up the fireplace insert.

Video Tutorial: How to Install an Electric Fireplace Insert in an Unconventional Opening

No Place to Build a Log-based Fireplace?

No matter how small and tiny your apartment is, the electric fireplace can always get installed. Enjoy warm and soothing winters with the All-in-One fireplace that not only brings comfort but also delivers unbeatable ambience to your home.

Forget about arranging logs of wood and dismantling them later on. Install the electric fireplace media console and never think of any other heating alternative.

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