Electric Fireplace Buying Guide [Detailed]

As the winters are approaching, people are recklessly searching for the best electric fireplace at a low cost. Nobody wants to manage the hassles of collecting logs of woods and then clearing away the ashes. As a part of modernization, traditional fireplaces have been converted into electric ones to eliminate the hassles and backlogs. With so many models of electric fireplace available in the market, you should always go for the one that is meant to give you maximum satisfaction.

How Does Electric Fireplace Exactly Work?

The term electric fireplace literally means that the fireplace will be working on electricity instead of traditional logs of wood and fuel. It will have Flames but they will be virtual and electrically operated. The majority of the electric fireplaces have a heater that is remote controlled and can be managed with the press of a button.

What do electric fireplaces look like?

Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace models are exactly the same as traditional fireplaces. It is very difficult to differentiate between the original fireplace and the electric one. Anybody would easily mistake them to be the traditional fireplace that may be consuming logs of wood and emitting a lot of smoke through chimneys.

Types of Fireplaces Available

1.) Wall-mounted

wall mounted electric fireplace

The wall mounted electric fireplace is ideal for apartment-style homes having a limited amount of space. You would get all the necessary accessories along with the wall mounted electric fireplace model to manage the installation. The perfect looking models are so explicit that you would always like to have them in lobbies and office areas.

2.) Corner fireplace

WE Furniture 48" Corner TV Stand Fireplace Console, Black

Just like a wall-mounted fireplace has to be mounted against the wall,  the corner fireplace is meant to be placed in the corner of the room so that it simultaneously acts as a piece of decor. The majority of such fireplaces can be used for keeping different types of homely items over it.

3.) Electric fireplace mantel

Electric fireplace mantel

The electricity-based fireplaces are not just available as the wall-mounted ones but can also be purchased in the form of traditional wood-burning ones. The Mantle fireplaces have all the features of electrically operated fireplaces with sorted Media, Remote control, and storage options.

4.) Fireplace with TV stand

Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Want more ambiance in your home? Go for the fireplace with TV stands that are designed to enhance the functionality and look of the rooms. They are just perfect to be kept in the indoor environment.

Some good benefits of purchasing Electric fireplaces –

  • Perfect for Apartments that cannot afford to have traditional log-based fireplaces.
  • Versatile in terms of design and can be customized according to the requirements.
  • Available in different types of shapes and Designs
  • No hassles of collecting woods and Ashes
  • No maintenance required

Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Electric Fireplace

Important features to be selected

1.) Flame only: Suppose you just want the fireplace to work for the sake of Ambience and there is absolutely no need for the heat in the environment. Choose the one that can work with no heat option and allows the flame to flutter.

2.) Adjustable temperature: You must go for a model that allows you to manage the rate of the heat releasing in your room. Unlike the traditional fireplaces, the majority of the electric ones of the time hold command because of the inbuilt thermostat feature.

3.) Flame speed control: The flickering flame should have multiple colors. apart from that, the speed of the flickering flame should be adjustable.

4.) Brightness control: The brightness control feature is another important feature that an electric fireplace must-have. You must be able to dim the light of the flickering flames in case you just want to use it as a night bulb.

Additional Features Which You Should Look

1.) Remote controlled

The remote controlled feature of the electric fireplace is again very important if you want to customize things in your own way. The heat level, flame speed, flame color, and every other function is the majority of the time manageable only when there is a remote control option.

2.) Safety features

Never in your life, you must compromise on the safety features of the electric fireplace heaters. Although, the flickering Flames are devoid of heat but there are other important aspects to consider for sure. They include –

  1. Cool to touch the outer surface – the fireplace must be cool to touch and should not do any kind of harm to the pets and small children. The glass case outer surface is the preferable one.
  2.  overheat protection – if at any point of time the heater gets excessively hot, the service that must get switched off on its own.
  3. Safety approval- if you ever purchase a branded fireplace heater electrically operated from Amazon, you must always check out the safety certification it has.

3.) Inexpensive

Whatever type of electric fireplace you purchase, it should not burn a hole in your pocket. There are fireplace heaters available to heat different sizes of rooms. Choose the ones that you find suitable because the ones with higher capacity are price tagged more.

The fireplace electrically operated must be inexpensive to run. It should not consume a lot of electricity and must maintain affordable electricity bills.

4.) Wi-Fi and smart home feature

The modern electric fireplace comes up with facilitating features like Bluetooth control and Wi-Fi Smart home connect. You can check out these options if you want them in your heating appliance.

5.) Eco friendly

The eco-friendly electrically operated fireplaces are the ones that do not emit smoke and pollute the mother earth. You do not have to think about the hazardous emissions like carbon dioxide and consumption of natural fuel like wood fuel.

6.) Zero maintenance

The electric fireplace that you are looking forward to purchasing should not require maintenance. the LED lights must be long-lasting and the way it works should be hassle free.

7.) Zone heating

The zone heating feature would let you save some money on your monthly electricity bills. This is one of the best options to look in an electric fireplace because that is what helps in avoiding electricity loss.

Is it possible to install electric fireplaces outdoors?

You can go for the electric fireplaces that are particularly meant for outdoor use. There are several models to cater to the user requirements and you can search them online at very reasonable prices.

Final Words

You just have to plug in the electric fireplace in the standard household and it will start emitting heat to create a cozy environment. Avoid using an extension cord to run an electric fireplace because it needs hard wires. Follow the instruction manual very carefully and you will be able to use electric fireplaces eternally in a hassle-free way.

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