How to Convert a Wood Burning Fireplace to Electric Fireplace

No doubt electric fireplaces are more convenient than the wood burning ones. First of all, they are economical in the long run and secondly, they are hassle-free since the Inception. So, if you already have the basic structure of a fireplace at your home, it’s now the time to upgrade and convert a wood burning fireplace to an electric one.

Having a personal fireplace at home is definitely more than an amenity. And if it is an electric one, things are more manageable and enjoyable. Forget about collecting the mess before and after. You just have to switch on a button and it will immediately create a cozy environment at your home. Here is a small guide that could tell you how to convert a wood-burning fireplace into an electric one.

What are the benefits of an electric fireplace?

Need not to mention, the benefits of an electric fireplace are more than the wooden one. Here are some of them –

  • Customisable
  • Electric fireplaces are more cost-effective and consume very little fuel.
  • They provide excellent heating capacity.
  • Even heat distribution
  • Zero Danger of flames inside the home.
  • Amazing look
  • Realistic flames

For all those who are worrying about spoiling the actual look of the wooden fireplace, you would not be able to differentiate between the original log-based firewood and the electric one. In fact, There is an added Ambience in the room when you replace the traditional working centerpieces and upgrade them.

What is the point to convert gas or wood fireplace to an electric?

Electric fireplaces are nontoxic and smokeless. They are very easy to install and are more economical than the current fireplace you have at your home. You do not have to make arrangements for the chimney and vent. Neither there is a need to drill a hole nor construction requirements are there. The readymade electric fireplace inserts come up with immediate installation and are very easy to handle.

1: Available in different shape

They are available in different sizes and shapes to fit in the current Firebox. You can purchase an electric fireplace ranging from 18 inches – 50 inches. It is very simple to convert the existing traditional fireplace into a customisable electrically operated one.

2: Customisable flames

Another great benefit of converting the traditional fireplace into the electric one is the LED variety it has. The brilliant flames produced are cost-effective and look beautiful when operated for a longer time span.

Step by step guide to convert a wood burning fireplace to electric one –

#1 Take the measurements

measure fireplace opening

It is very essential to know the accurate measurements in order to produce the best fitting electric fireplace in the existing area. When you want something that is neither very large and nor very small, just prepare yourself so that things go on perfectly well.

#2 Shut down the chimney and vent

There is no need for a vent when you have an electric fireplace to work in your room. Since there are zero harmful gases produced, there is no point of having the chimney anymore. If you already had it, just shut it down because that will otherwise result in loss of heat.

#3 Time to insert

Slide in the unit of the electric fireplace very carefully in the existing fireplace space. Make sure that the piece is already packed in the cardboard and it meets the wall at the existing enclosure. Place the unit centrally.

#4 Fix the panel

After you glide the fireplace in the existing space, Just drill the holes and tighten up the screws.

#5 Attach insulation strip

Attach insulation strip

Fix the insulation strips towards the back panel of the fireplace. Eventually, place the fireplace back into the hearth in order to extend panels.

Installing the electric fireplace is a very simple task and can be executed in just one day. The benefits are humongous apart from more heat production and reduction of fuel bills. An electric fireplace is an epitome of convenience and gives a charming look to the home without any disadvantages.

Final words

There are so many reasons why anyone would like to convert a gas fireplace to an electric. You can choose the ready-made electric fireplace inserts that just have to be installed in the existing fireplace spaces in a couple of minutes. You can easily find them online as well as offline with the vendors.

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