How to Choose the Best Firewood for a Fireplace?

Different firewood gives different types of results even when they have the same appearance. If you are looking forward to getting the best burning firewood for a fireplace, here we have brought a couple of suggestions that can help you a lot. The best firewood for an outdoor fireplace is different from the one for indoors. You must know the secrets else you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

As a basic fact, excess amounts of moisture in the firewood can decrease the burning efficiency. Firewood that has more moisture content than the required quantity generally gives off green colored smoke.

It is not only unhealthy in nature but also comprises certain tiny particles that can enter our body and hinder the defense mechanism of the body. Avoid firewood having moisture content because the excess amount of smoke can also check the chimney and can aggravate fire.

Burning a fireplace efficiently is no rocket science. Somehow with simple tips known, you can easily manage those creepy winters without expert monitoring.

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What are the Different Types of Firewood Available?

Different types of requirements for burning a fireplace needs a suitable kind of firewood to maximize their efficiency. There are certain categories of firewood that you need to know.


Hardwood is scarcely found in forests because they grow at a slower rate than the softwood. They are darker in colour and can produce the best fire that is hot and intense. If you want the best firewood for an outdoor fireplace, perhaps the hardwood would be the best for that.


Softwoods are more easily available than hardwoods and are lighter in colour. They can quickly Ignite and leave out a lot of smoke in return. It is better to use them for outdoor use instead of burning them indoors. In other words, Softwoods are the best firewood for outdoor fireplaces. They can quickly Kindle and are ideal for campfires.

Manufactured firewood

These days you can find the best brand firewood for fireplaces available online. They are particularly available to keep you warm during the winter and are customised for maximum efficiency. The brick shaped firewoods are made up of sawdust and genuine wood chips that are composed into a proper shape. They burn very efficiently and produce the least amount of smoke.

Wooden pellets

The little wood pallets are designed to burn quickly and are recommended for wood stoves. They are environment friendly and super efficient as well.

Tips for Choosing the Best Firewood for Fireplace-

Crackling fire

You can never go wrong with firewood that gives away a crackling and popping sound while burning. But make sure that you make certain arrangements for protecting yourself against those random throws. Pine is one of the best firewood for a fireplace that not only provides a great Aroma but also has a wonderful burning capacity. You need to frequently clean the chimney If you are using a Pine firewood for a burning fireplace.

Hot fire

There are softwoods or hardwood trees that are responsible for different intensities of heat production. Hardwoods are quite dense and have a higher substantiality in comparison to softwood. Almost provide twice the heat intensity in comparison to softwood. However, hardwood burns very slowly and is particularly best for cooking. It is very difficult to Kindle a hardwood. The best kind of Hardwoods is dogwood, Apple, pecan, hard Maple, and birch.

A quick-burning fire

Softwood can quickly Ignite and can quickly burn to heat an area immediately. In comparison to hardwood, they also give off more smoke and are the best for outdoor fireplaces. It is very important to inspect your chimney on an annual basis no matter whatever kind of firewood you burn. Some of the best softwood firewood are cedar, yellow pine and white spruce.

Suggesting a few other tips while thinking out loud 💕

  1. Hit Two logs of wood against each other and if they sound hollow, they are great.
  2. Select a dark coloured wood because that is old
  3. The weight of the wood should not be high otherwise it will have moisture content.
  4. Do not select the latest wood cut down from a tree

How Much Does Firewood cost?

On a general basis, it can cost around $200 – $300 depending on the prices of your areas. The spring and summer Seasons bring maximum discounts for the best firewood for a fireplace.

What Type of Firewood Should you Completely Avoid?

You cannot burn any random or an old discarded wood just because you want to start a campfire or an indoor fireplace. There has to be the best firewood for a fireplace if you are actually serious about the heating quality.

Nonlocal wood

In case you come across firewood that has been transported from long distances, completely ditch the idea of using it. Such a kind of firewood can be a carrier of insects and diseases and have the capacity to put the entire forest at risk if burnt.


The best burning firewood for a fireplace is the one that has been cut long back. The freshly cut wood has great moisture content which makes it difficult to catch fire. If you do not know how to differentiate between a green wood and normal wood, ask the seller about it.

Painted wood

The treated wood is generally preserved with arsenic and you must avoid burning them. Additionally, the painted wood releases Chemicals when burnt. You will end up inhaling a lot of harmful gases while sitting in a fireplace that has such a kind of firewood burning in it.


Driftwood can expose you to carcinogenic substances because of its chlorine content. The Flames are excellent in the case of driftwood but you are always at a health risk of using it.

Big logs of wood

There is nothing wrong in using a big log of wood otherwise. The only problem associated with them is kindling. You need to do a lot of hard work in order to burn a log of wood.

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Final Words

As a Thumb Rule for selecting the best firewood, make sure that it is dry and not freshly cut. The small tubes coming out of the log of wood can retain water for months. Make sure that whatever wood is chosen has been properly cut. Improper logs of wood can create a lot of trouble in burning a fireplace that can be a spoiler. In order to choose the best firewood for a fireplace, pay strong attention to the above-mentioned points that we have shared.

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